Parents and carers

As a parent, and as a professional, I understand that you could be feeling anxious and concerned about your child. You might be in need of clarity, understanding, or hope, that you and your child will 'get through this'.

I can see parents or carers, together with a child or adolescent, at an assessment meeting, to gain perspective of the situation, in which you might find yourselves. Once I begin therapy with a child or young person, I can meet with parents or carers, to discuss progress; with my client's consent, and most importantly, whilst maintaining their confidentiality*.

In exceptional circumstances, the need to safeguard our clients or others from serious harm may require us to override our commitment to making our client’s wishes and confidentiality our primary concern. (BACP Ethical guidelines, 2018).

Therapy provides a person with a space, that is 'just for them' where they can talk and work through things, with a professional, who could possibly enable a young person to gain a sense of perspective on their problems, while working towards a resolution. 


Young people

I understand that you might have many feelings around the things that bother you, and possibly, about talking to a stranger. Therapy provides you with a space, and time, to talk, that is just for you. I can offer you a relationship that is free from judgement. I am compassionate, sincere and open. 

So, what will happen when we meet? I will see you at the practice in Cambridge. For our first meeting, I can see you together with your parent or carer, if that feels more comfortable. After our first meeting, if you want to continue, you and I will usually meet once a week, for 50 minutes. I provide a safe space, free from judgement, for you to talk freely, about the things that concern you. You might have a few questions about therapy and how it works; please see the FAQ page for more information. 

You need to feel that your therapist is a good 'fit' for you, because you will be talking about things that really matter to you. Don't be afraid to meet a few therapists before you decide upon one that that feels right.


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